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  1. Accreditation – PSHS Management understand the importance of its accreditation, we are working hard to achieve it and be one of the best colleges in Tanzania.
  2. Affiliation – We are working hard with different Universities to archive affiliation and work together for the benefit of our students
  3. Vocational Training – PSHS is keen to provide Knowledge and skills, supported with the hands on practice to students who could not continue with their academic studies due to any reason.
  4. Tuition –  O Level and A – Level students – One of the challenges fessing the college, is lack of the well passed students in the required topics, the college is aiming to support the students with tuition that can help them pass. However the students are not necessarily tied to register or to continue their studies with the college on completion of their studies.


Quidel Nuka

Responsive Design




Pemba School of Health Sciences


Tanzania, United Republic of