HR Manual



Pemba school of health sciences aims to encourage a working environment of respect, transparency and integrity through appropriate behavior and conduct and through compliance with relevant legislation.

Scope of application

This Policy applies to all staff and at the college and persons who have entered into a relationship with the college involving work for, with or at the College, including volunteers, contractors and consultants. This Policy sets out the behavior and conduct standards expected of members of the College community whilst on College grounds or engaged in College-related activities.


The College aims to encourage a working environment of respect, transparency and integrity through the following principles:

  1. Members of the College community may reasonably expect to pursue their work and study in a fair, safe, productive and positive working environment.
  2. Members of the College community will maintain a high standard of behavior and conduct themselves with courtesy, fairness and professionalism when dealing with their colleagues, students and members of the public.
  3. Members of the College community will demonstrate that their primary commitment of time and intellectual energy is to the College’s research, teaching and enabling activities.
  4. The College will not tolerate or condone any form of unlawful unfair treatment including harassment, bullying, racist behavior, sexual harassment or discrimination.
  5. Members of the College community will avoid, disclose and manage conflicts of interest.
  6. Members of the College community will only accept or offer gifts in accordance with the Conflict of Interest Procedure
  7. The College supports the right of any staff member to make a legitimate complaint without suffering victimization, harassment, recrimination, or detriment as a result.

Code of conduct

  1. Behave with honesty and integrity in all matters connected to their employment
  2. Treat everyone with respect and courtesy, and refrain from bullying, harassment or discrimination
  3. Comply with College policy and procedure
  4. Conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner
  5. Adhere to and maintain confidentiality when collecting or storing records of individuals
  6. Comply with the terms and conditions of their contract of employment and/or any other agreements they have entered into with the College.



The College aims to:

  • Build the knowledge, skills and capabilities of its staff in support of the College’s world class research and excellent student experience;
  • Enable all staff to be and perform at their best.
  • Ensure that development, performance and promotions processes areinclusive, fair, and respectful of diversity and promote equitable access for staff.

Policy principles

  1. The College aims to provide staff with opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities.
  2. Promotions and demotions will be based on staff individual performance
  3. HR will ensure that the staff members are equipped with the necessary skills to perform in their individual stations.
  4. Hiring will be based on evaluation by the HR team such evaluations will be from any kind of discrimination of favoritism.
  5. The College aims to provide staff with the appropriate support, time and encouragement to undertake induction and ongoing professional development activities.