Monthly trips to tourist destinations in Pemba

Since its inception Pemba School of Health Sciences has been planning and organizing trips for its students to major tourism destinations in Pemba. These trips are organized on a month to month basis. All students in         PSHS qualify for these trips.

Purpose of the trips

The main reason for organizing these trips is to give the students an experience ways from the classroom. It is a ways of breaking the norm so as to help the students relax and reenergize them after a full month of study. These trips are usually aimed at creating:

  • Opportunities for bonding

We aim to bring up professionals for the medical field who will be working with other people. As such we always aim at bringing up all-rounded individuals who will work well with their colleagues. For this reason, we organize these trips so that they can create a good opportunity for the students to interact freely away from the confines of the school. This however does not mean that their behavior is unmonitored, at PSHS, we insist on a high degree of personal behavior, within or outside the college.

  • Learning opportunities

Pemba has a rich history and there is a lot to learn. These trips are aimed at helping the students share in this history in order to understand how Pemba came to be how she is now. By organizing the trips, we give the students a chance to learn new things about Pemba. Some of which they would never learn if it were not for such trips. Apart from that, during the trips, they get to meet people from backgrounds different from their own. Such interactions help them appreciate the cultures that are different from theirs. As such, they are able to prepare themselves should they find themselves working amongst such communities.

  • Unwinding opportunities

Health education is not always a walk in the park. It involves putting in hours and hours of study. As such, students may experience stress and burnouts. As a school, we have the welfare of our students at heart and this is one of the reasons why we organize these trips to create opportunities for them to unwind. After a month of hard study, students gladly welcome an idea about a trip to destinations in Pemba. The excitement and fun created by such trips provide excellent opportunities for them to release the pressure and stress that comes with hard study.

Advantages of such trips

  • They are affordable

One of the advantages of organizing these trips is that they are affordable for the students. Since they are organized for many students, they cost per individual is lower as compared to that of an individual. This means that as a parent, one get to pay less unlike the case where they visit such destination as a family. Again with such trips, parents will have less to worry about their sons and daughters asking for money for their own recreation. Again as a school, they get to enjoy different privileges that might have been too expensive for individuals; for instance, a tour guide.

  • Controlled behavior

As it is the case with most young people, sometimes they get to take the far a little bit overboard when out on such tours. The school ensures that this doesn’t happen as they are closely monitored. This means that a parent needs not to worry when their sons or daughters are out on such visits. At PSHS, we always insist on high degree of conduct on the side of students at all times – something that they all understand.

  • Open to all

All students get to participate in such trips. This means that each and every student has a chance to visit their dream destination in Pemba. Apart from this, the students are involved in selecting their travel destinations. They are always asked to suggest the places that they would love to visit and these are factored in when selecting a destination.

The don’ts for the trips

PSHS expects from the students a high degree of personal responsibility and good mannerism. As such, there are several behaviors that the school cannot condone during such trips:

  • Drinking and drugs: PSHS is a drug-free college. As such, a student who is caught in possession of alcoholic drinks and drugs during such trips will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Immoral Sexual behaviors: The school is against any kind of immoral behaviors, any student found perpetrating this will have to face the disciplinary committee. The goes for such acts between the students and a student with an outsider.
  • Failure to observe timelines: In the event that the students are allowed some time alone, they will be expected back at the stipulated time. A student who delays other during such times will be required to make a formal explanation for the same. Impromptu role calls will be done and anyone who is not available for such will be required to give an explanation.

These rules are meant to harass anyone but they are meant for security of all. For PSHS, the welfare of the students comes first and that is why the rules are put in place. We look forward to having all our students participate in these trips. Thank you.